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The Sound Of Love Is Silent

A Peter/Emma community

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A Peter/Emma community.

Welcome! This is a community for the characters Peter and Emma from NBC's Heroes. Whether you ship them as a couple or just friends, feel free to post icons, fanfic, vids, art, discussion or just a random post to squee! :) Anything goes! So have fun!
All content should be Peter and/or Emma related. Ads must be Heroes related and posted only once - ask permission first! Affliates can be found HERE.
All members are expected to be respectful of each other, to tag their posts appropriately and to keep all spoilers under a cut until one week after the episode has aired. Misuse of the community will result in it being Members Only. If you have trouble tagging, tag the entry as "Untagged" and I will tag it for you :) Any questions feel free to ask!